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Kaljug mein kirtan pardhana

Since Vedic times, God has been eulogized through singing. Be it Hinduism, Sufism, singing remained the only medium to remember God. Musical instruments varied but, devotion and music as a bridge to connect to the Almighty remained the same.

The purpose of human existence has been to merge and be one with God. Kirtan is not mere singing of bhajans, but, an inner yearning of the soul to get connected to that supreme soul.

Sikhism, is the only religion that stresses completely on kirtan, as the banis of the Gurus, Bhagats and Bhatts, have been recorded in the holy book Sri Guru Granth Sahib in the form of hyms and a Raga is inscribed on each hymn.

Raga does not mean that Gurbani can be and should be sung in a classical way only rather it should be heart felt and reach millions across the world.

If we observe closely we find that there are certain Banis that do not have any Raga on top of them, because Shabad is pradhan, supreme not the raga. According to Gurbani Rage naade bahare.

This website is an endeavour to satisfy each souls yearning to be one with the supreme. In this fast paced life and millions settled abroad, it seems difficult to visit gurudwaras daily , so while performing our daily chores we all can remain centred and entuned with our Gurus message.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.
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Bhai Joginder Singh Riar
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